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With 100’s of healthcare Clients throughout the Nation, ERI provides hospitals with cutting-edge solutions to ensure hospitals are properly billing and obtaining the maximum statutory legal medical reimbursements for Third-Party Liability(“TPL) accounts such as Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Workers’ Compensation and Injury Liens as well as other insurance discovery resulting in:

 Obtaining proper legal reimbursement for third party liability claims is a complex and time-consuming process.

The expertise in this area is foreign to most and the manual work required to get properly reimbursed for these claims is cost-prohibitive based on existing hospitals volumes on non-TPL related hospital accounts. Hospitals often have neither the legal training, the resources, or the time to properly maximize the reimbursements on these types of claims. ERI has devoted its entire company focus to medical based claim recovery and we have recovered approximately half a Billion dollars for our clients as a result. ERI possesses the specialized knowledge of third-party insurance laws, legislative intent, legal nuances of statutory reimbursements, coupled with extensive knowledge of hospital billing, systems and processes combined making them the go-to company in TPL claims, processing, billing and collections.

Third-Party Liability claims represent a very small percentage of a typical hospital’s total accounts- generally between 1-3% of the overall book of business. However, by maximizing the reimbursement, this 1-3% produces extremely higher reimbursement rates, providing our Clients a unique opportunity to capitalize on this segment of their business. In addition, this addition revenue can help our Clients stay in the black.

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