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Emergency Recovery Inc. simplifies the complex, labor-intensive processes needed to get paid MORE for medical claims.

TPL Services

Third Party Liability-related medical claims including Motor Vehicle Accident, Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Lien insurance claims to determine the responsible party for maximum reimbursement.


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ERI is a healthcare firm leveraging data, experience, technology, and industry leading processes to drive higher margins. These capabilities enable our clients to capitalize on identified areas of opportunities while eliminating nonessential costs thus creating sustainable improvements to net revenue.

We are comprised of experienced industry experts who understand the complexities of the revenue cycle. Aware that every client is unique in how they operate, we observe, analyze, and collaborate to deliver the most effective financial outcomes. Our ability to leverage our broad industry experience enables us to identify opportunities without bias and identify what will work best for your organization.

ERI entered the market as a secondary service identifying opportunities where other subrogation vendors had exhausted their efforts to identify and recover on third-party liability claims. Our ability to deliver extraordinary results earned trust, cultivated strategic partnerships, and afforded ERI the ability to expand offerings.

ERI’s reputation is built on results.

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